What Makes The Crimsafe Brand Special?

Crimsafe is a special brand of stainless steel that is gaining immense popularity over the period of time. It is known for its special frame and security mesh system. If you are thinking of a solution to keep your house safe from intruders, then it is high time that you secure your outdoors areas, windows and doors with Crimsafe. If you see Crimsafe from a distance, you will see that it looks something like flyscreen that is used for keeping the house cool and keeping the mosquitoes out in summers. However, Crimsafe is much better than simple flyscreen because it becomes impossible for the intruders to enter your property especially when you have installed Crimsafe doors. The most popular features of Crimsafe include:

  • The mesh is made from Screw-Clamp technology which means that nobody can simply kick out the mesh and enter the property.
  • The mesh of Crimsafe is almost 0.9mm thick and is precisely woven. Hence even if you kick it hundred times, it will not break apart.

If you have never seen Crimsafe earlier, you can browse online and see what it looks like. There are two pieces of aluminum that hold the mesh tightly. Everything is screwed with stainless steel screws that are tamper-resistant as well. Hence there is no chance of corrosion that can affect your security in the long run. What makes this option best is the fact that it is impossible to cut Crimsafe. It has the best ‘shear’ resistance feature making it simply impossible for anyone to break it, stab it or even cut it. People who have installed Crimsafe doors in their homes feel more safe and secure.

If you are highly conscious about your home’s look, you can easily install Crimesafe without worrying about anything. Its black color looks very appealing to the eye and comes with high durability powder coating. It can easily withstand all harsh weather conditions and therefore you can easily install wherever you wish to.





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