Understanding The Role, Community Settings And Career Prospects of Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapy schools come handy in training professional occupational therapist. Graduates learn how to assess and treat psychiatric and physical conditions using special activities to prevent disability, while promoting independent function. Upon completing a pre-registration program and getting registered with the relevant professional body, graduates can apply for jobs. Nevertheless, the quality of training and certification can go a long way in providing lucrative opportunities for career growth. Therefore, it is important to enroll for a quality program.

  • The role

Occupational therapists are trained to deal with all age groups to help address disability caused by psychological or physical illness, accident or ageing. They play an important role in various community settings and hospitals. Furthermore, they often visit their patients who may be receiving treatment from home, to monitor their progress. Registered occupational therapists require patience, determination, ingenuity, sound knowledge base, and enthusiasm. In addition, the practitioner needs to have an interest working with people for purposes of helping them lead an independent and fulfilling life.

  • Community settings

Registered occupational therapists are trained to work with adults, children, seniors and adolescents in various areas, such as physical rehabilitation, learning disability, mental health services, primary care, environmental adaptation, pediatrics, care management, environmental adaptation, research posts and equipment for daily-living. Furthermore, occupational therapists work in various settings, including hospitals, GP practices, education establishments, community centers, housing associations, prisons, clients’ homes, industrial & commercial organizations, charities, schools, residential & nursing homes and social services.

  • Career prospects

The demand for occupational therapist professionals varies between employment sectors and regions. Also referred to occupational rehabilitation assistants, occupational technical instructors or occupational therapy assistant, occupational therapy support professionals assist registered occupational therapists. Occupational therapists at the senior levels are referred to as assistant practitioners. Through further research or specialist work, they can proceed to management or a teaching position.

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