Trendy And Popular Vaughan Restaurants That You Must Visit

If you live or are visiting the Vaughan region, you will discover many restaurants in the area, including Greek, Middle Eastern, Italian, Thai, American, Canadian, and Chinese that are renowned for their array of tempting delicacies and wines. Any good restaurant can be found online, by checking the list of menu and prices. Therefore, it is easy to tickle your taste buds with these great foods, and find a menu that falls within your budget. Some of the popular restaurants in Vaughan include:

  • Mr. Greek Express

Mr. Greek Express is a Greek restaurant that started its operations in 1988. Since then, this modern Mediterranean and old country restaurant has offered a culinary celebration and is recommended for its healthy, great tasting meals. The goal of the restaurant is to give every diner a great feast. The main features of Mr. Greek Express are Award Winning, catering, family dining, delivery, and Take Out. It appetizers, salads, pasta, chicken and beef are a must have.

  • Thai Room

Thai Room is an award winning, Malaysian restaurant. If you visit the restaurant, you will enjoy the friendly, intimate, and casual atmosphere that complements an authentic Thai cuisine. Its freshly prepare menus include salads, noodle, soups and rise dishes. In addition, you will enjoy its fresh, flavored chicken, lamb, and beef dishes. Vegetable plates, seafood, aromatic curry, and spicy dishes are also available. The main features at Thai room are casual dining, family dining, catering, full dinner menu and group functions, this makes it a great venue for corporate and small party events.

  • Spin Dessert Café

Spin Dessert Café is a popular American type restaurant recommended for its breakfast items served daily until 2pm. Visitors stand to benefit from an unforgettable experience, exceptional service, exotic desserts and a memorable ambiance. If you like, you can join the VIP list to benefit from special VIP treatment. The impressive dessert creations, coffee blends, and savory delights make Spin Dessert the perfect place to spend relaxing with friends, family, and/or colleagues.


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