Top 3 Uses Of Sandpaper Outside Of The Workshop

Sandpaper is a unique and fascinating material. It has the ability to remove small layers of unwanted materials from surfaces which usually results in the new surface feeling smoother. Sandpaper is a thick paper that has a rough or abrasive material attached to one of its side. There are many uses of sandpaper. Most people assume that sandpaper can only used in workshops. However, there are many uses of sandpaper that goes outside of a workshop. Here are the top 3 uses of sandpaper outside of the workshop if you are curious!

In the workshop

Sandpaper can be used to smoothen out  the exterior of chairs and tables to remove any wood splinters or uneven edges. Paint can then be applied to the chair and tables once the exterior is smooth again. The paint will adhere much better on a smooth surface that is devoid of any uneven edges.

In the bathroom

Sandpaper can be used to get rid of grout stains on the bathroom tiles! An individual can simply wipe the affect area by applying a gentle force—the grout should come off as expected. The user can then rinse the tiles with water. Take note not to apply too much force when using the sandpaper as it might scratch the floor tiles in the process.

In the living room

Cats tend to scratch things around their surroundings. Sandpaper can be attached to sofas or any furniture to prevent your pet cat from scratching them. This is an extremely affordable solution and is one that works brilliantly! Cats dislike touching rough objects as it will hurt their paws and will therefore leave your sofa alone.

In the garden

Sandpaper can be used to scrap off the hard exterior of seeds such as peas and lupines. In doing so, the seeds absorb water at a quicker rate and will therefore grow and spout quicker. This is a quick and cost effective solution if you think that your peas are taking too long to spout or grow!

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