Top 3 Tricks To Make Your Clothes Last Longer

There are a few qualities that people look for when buying a shirt, especially more expensive ones that can cost over $100. Apart from the look and design of the clothing, there are also concerns about whether or not the shirt material can be long lasting, and withstand the constant rough and tumble of the washing machine. However, even if you have purchased a shirt of the highest quality and known to be very resistant, it is still important to take special steps in taking care of it. Here are some tricks you can use to ensure that your clothes stay in good condition for a long time to come.

Keep them well

How you store your clothes can have a great impact on how long lasting they can be, especially if you do not plan to be wearing them for a considerable amount of time. Suits, for example, should never be folded and stacked along with other clothing. It is worth investing in a considerably strong hanger to not just hang the suit, but also make sure it stays in shape.

Take turns in wearing them

Even though you may love a certain piece of clothing a lot, it is never a good idea to be wearing it constantly week in week out. Be it your shirt, suit or jeans, it is important that you wear them alternatively. Store them in a sequence ending with the one that was washed last, so that your clothes will not suffer the constant damage it receives from the washing machine.

Consider dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is a good way to protect your shirt. Leaving it to a dry cleaning company will ensure that it gets cleaned by professionals who will ensure that your clothes receive the best treatment. They also use better cleaning agents that will do a better cleaning job.

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