The Most Common Types Of Wood Used To Make Modern Furniture

What is your furniture made of? It is easy to shout out wood! That is because wood is the most common material used to make furniture. But take a keen look at your furniture that you have bought form your local furniture stores. Chances are, you have two or three pieces of furniture made of metal, hyacinth or plastic. Such is the trend these days. Other alternatives have to be considered, given that wood is becoming scarce by the day. But with or without such setbacks wooden furniture will always be in demand.  Let’s find out more about the most common types of wood used to make contemporary furniture. There are two basic types of wood ideal for making furniture; hardwood and softwood. Hardwoods are known for their durability whereas softwoods are known for their flexibility.


Oak is commonly used to make fine and durable furniture. Oakwood is further divided into two: Red oak and white oak. White oak features a greenish color while red oak features a pinkish shade. They are both durable. Mahogany is ideal for curving impressive designs.  Mahogany does not swell or shrink at all when it comes in contact with water. It is also decay resistant. All these qualities explain why furniture pieces made of mahogany are costly. Other not so common types of hardwood include:

  • Maple
  • Cherry
  • Walnut
  • Beech
  • Ash


Most furniture pieces made of softwood are affordable. They are also light and appealing. The only drawback is the fact that softwood furniture pieces easily bend when they come in contact with too much water.

  • Pine – eastern white pine, sugar pine and ponderosa pine are the most common types of pine used to make furniture.
  • Cedar – further divided into different types which include Eastern Red Cedar, Northern White Cedar and Western red cedar.
  • Both pine and cedar boast of intricate textures that can add warmth to any room. That explains why they are ideal for making baby cribs.  They are also available in various shades of yellow.

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