Stop People From Getting Their Dirty Hands On Your Possessions With 5 Home Security Tips

If you don’t want to end up with your valuables going walkabouts you need to learn how to turn your home into a fortress. Some people will quite happily steal anything they can get their dirty hands on, so here are a few neat tricks for securing your home.

Don’t forget about your garage

There isn’t much chance of you forgetting to lock your house door, but the garage door is another matter altogether. People might say there is a chance someone could get into your home through the interior door inside your garage, but what about the contents of your garage itself? I’m sure you’ll have a few expensive tools lying around and you don’t want them to become easy pickings. Get into the habit of making sure your garage door is always locked because it’s an easy target.

Light up your garden

Everyone has motion detecting lights outside their home, but just realize they’re not the only option you have available. If you want a much more attractive option you should stick some colored lights in between your plants if you have any flowerbeds outside. Your garden will look pretty and you’ll be able to admire your gardening skills no matter what time it is, plus nobody is going to try sneaking up to your home if all your neighbors will be able to see them.

Hang some door shades

If you have your curtains closed at night nobody will be able to look inside to see if you have any valuables lying around, but even though that is your windows taken care of you’ll still be vulnerable if you have glass doors. I don’t know anyone who hangs curtains from their doors, but you’ll want to do something if you don’t want anyone to see inside. An easy solution is to hang some door shades and you can open and close them whenever you want.

Use a smart lock

Smart locks aren’t expensive when you think about it. You might have to spend around a hundred dollars getting one installed, but once it’s in your home will be a lot more secure which means someone is a lot less likely to break in. You will also feel safer when you’re at home alone because some smart locks will let you see who is outside before you open the door. Luckily you can do all this from the sofa and you’ll be able to open and lock the door using your smartphone.

Tint your windows

If you walk past a house in the middle of the day you must know how easy it is to see what is going on inside, so if you’re looking for a little more privacy you can opt for window tinting. It’s an easy way to stop someone from seeing inside unless they walk up to your window and peek in. It also comes with the added benefit of keeping your home cooler during the hotter months and I bet it’s something that will interest you right now since we’re bang in the middle of summer.

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