Lift It Right For A Good Day At Work And To Be Free From Injury!

Knowing how to lift something that is considered as heavy, is much like knowing how to store items that are fire hazards in flammable storage cabinets. Actually, both of the aforementioned scenarios do fall under the wings of materials storage and handling. However, this article will share with you some simple but very practical and useful tips that you can implement immediately after reading it, to your workplace operations or duties.

Brains before brawns

Firstly, before any action is taken, have a clear plan in mind. You would not want to start thinking only after you have lift something up, it is going to place significant strain on you and you would too distracted to do anything else.

Stand properly for good balance

You can start by placing both of your feet at shoulder width apart and one of the foot is slightly more towards the front than the other. You can’t afford to be stiff at this point, as you must be able to shift your feet accordingly when you lift up the load. Try not to wear slippers or heels too, as it is more of an inconvenience than help.

Pull the load towards you and hold it close to your body

This will help distribute some of the load’s weight towards your body and it lessens the burden that is placed on your arm’s strength. Your waist level is a good level to stick with and try to tilt the heavier side of the load inwards.

A good grip

If the load is slipping through your fingers, it is a tell-tale sign that it is going to drop to the ground very soon. Just like the above, you should not be holding it but hugging it instead for maximum support.

Never bend down and up

Unless your back is made out of steel, please remember to use the strength of your quadriceps to stand up. No pressure or weight must fall onto your back. A good measure is to do a full squat, a move that involves both your hips and knees.

Work safe and work smart. Do so and you ensure that you are clear from one of the common occupational hazards!

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