Important Tips For You When Selecting Deck Materials

It is important to carefully consider your home’s exterior the same way you do with the interior when undertaking a home improvement project. If you have a big yard, it is advisable to consider adding a deck. A well designed and aesthetically pleasing deck can help reduce the monotony in your yard by transforming your backyard into a perfect recreational area. The tips for selecting decking material include:

  • Get your materials right

Wood materials, like natural wooden materials, chemically treated wooden material and composite boards are commonly used to construct decks. Natural wood have a rich and pure color that requires regular maintenance to prevent discoloring. However, they are soft and stand a high chance of getting scratches when you move heavy items.

If you are operating on a limited budget, the chemically treated wooden material offers a better option. This type of material is enduring, but if you choose a low quality brand that has not been dried after treatment, it will shrink after installation. Composite boards consist of a mixture of wood and plastic. They offer a high resistance to pest attack and decay and come in a variety of colors.

  • Treated materials

It is important to purchase wooden material that is properly treated as evidence by the absence of heartwood. Its higher density allows it to accept less pressure treatments than sapwood. If the pieces of wood are thin it should not be a problem because the preservatives will end up soaking into the lumber. However, if the pieces of wood are thick, chemicals may not penetrate deep enough. As a result, part of the lumber will be left untreated and prone to rot.

  • Dry wood

Dry wood offers a better option for decks than wet wooden boards, which end up drying and shrinking, leaving gaps between the wood. It does not matter whether you are purchasing treated or normal wood, when it gets drenched with water; it will become twice as heavy. In addition, it becomes more difficult to work with. You can confirm whether you have purchased hardwood by comparing with treated wood that features the same size. If the wood weighs about double the size and feels damp, you may need to give it time to dry before using it.


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