How to Install and Set Simple Author Box WordPress Plugin?

An author or a writer is engaged in creating literary works. On the surface, there is hardly any difference, but ‘Author’ has a more professional ring than writer. According to Google, a writer writes about other people’s ideas and thoughts, whereas an author is the composer of a plot, idea, and content. You turn into an author when your book gets published, or else you remain a writer.

Author vs. writer

In today’s digital era, self-publishing has increased, and basically everyone has turned into authors instead of writers. The digital revolution has empowered people to communicate with worldwide audiences.

You run a blog or write to earn money, so are you an author or a writer?

Why word authority is crucial?

An author is the creator of ideas, while the writer is an extended right hand of the author. The writer listens to what the author speaks. You can say an author empowers his/her expression, and their written words are more powerful.

Generally, the blogs that solve issues or offer solutions to common issues are useful or helpful tips. People always listen to suggestions and advice that come from personal experiences. In this situation, the word or expressions from the author benefits your customer and bottom line.

What’s an author’s box?

It is a box, which offers some bio about the blog post writer along with his/her image. The author’s professional details lend content credibility. The photo of the author gives the post a ‘face’. When people read the blog, they can feel connected to a real person. You can use a WordPress Author Box plugin or manually add the Author’s Bio to your blog. There are several plugins to select from.

How to install and set Simple Author Box plugin for a WordPress site?

Installing Simple Author Box plugin

The installation process is simple and is done from the WPs administrative dashboard.

  • Log into WPs administrative dashboard.
  • Plugins > Add New
  • Type Simple Author Box in the Search field.
  • Hit the ‘Install Now’ icon beside the Simple Author Box.
  • As soon as the installation gets concluded – hit the ‘Activate’ button.

The Simple Author Box is installed and now you need to set it.

Setting Simple Author Box plugin

A few settings can be configured. Custom fields can be added to your WP User’s profile. The settings can be used in an alliance of how you desire the author box to look like on your post.

  • Log into WPs administrative dashboard.
  • Visit Simple Author Box plugin.
  • The setting menu controls different functions.
  • For example turn on the options that say hide author box, if the author description is empty or choose open social media icons in a different tab
  • You get to choose from 7 different colors and 7 different typography
  • In the misc. menu you get to choose the footer’s inline-style

Read more about author boxes on the internet.


The pro version price differs –

  • The ‘Agency’ – $499 annually – Supports 30 different sites
  • The ‘Trio’ – $69 yearly – Supports 3 sites
  • The ‘Mono’ – $29 per year – Support a single website

For trial download Simple Author Box free version from plugin repository!

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