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Google unveils the new Pixel 4 smartphone

The latest smartphone to hit the market is the Google Pixel 4.

This phone responds to more than touch and audio commands. It is a next-generation smartphone that was launched in New York on Tuesday. The phone comes in XL sizes and carries a Soli radar chip for faster facial recognition and gesture controls.

This phone trades the old one rear camera for two, which makes sense with Apple stepping up its game. The cameras look much more organized in a square section on the top left of the phone. A key feature of the phone is the transcribing Recorder application which does not need a third party to process the data to transcribe it.

The phone is listed at $799 and costs only $100 more than the basic iPhone 11. It begins shipping on the 24th of October.

Google blogs and the company have teased the phone endlessly with photos and videos, showing off its key features. Pixel currently holds 1% of the market globally but has generated a niche audience for itself.

The biggest news is that the Pixel 4 will be available on all carriers, and not just Verizon. At the press event, Google was able to describe their hardware ambitions and teased its version of products to brighten the lives of customers everywhere. They showcased their updated Chrome laptops, the Pixelbook Go with its 15% larger battery, and the Chrome OS. They also showed off the new keyboard of the Pixelbook which now also comes in matte black at the cost of $649 only.

Google’s answer to the Apple AirPods is the Pixel Buds which last about five hours on a single charge and 24 hours through wireless charging cases. These buds come in a range of colors and will be launched in the spring, priced at $179.

They have also introduced the Nest Mini which is a part of the Google Home and Google Home Mini-series which has undergone a reengineering.

The Nest Mini costs only $49 and comes with a stronger base than its original model, built-in wall mount and hears your voice even in a noisy room. Fully loaded with the Google Assistant, it now comes with a recycled plastic bottle top and fabric layering.

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