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Existing Nest products get new Google Nest packaging

In the coming year, Google Nest branding is going to be found across the packaging of all the existing smart home products. Due to this, all Made by Google products are being repackaged beginning with the Nest Cam Indoor. The Google Home Hub was rebranded in May and named the Google Nest Hub. Stickers branded the next line of Nest Hub Max, a 7-inch Assistant Smart Display, and all other products.

This weekend, a Nest Cam Indoor 3-pack has reached stores with its brand new packaging. The color scheme is predominantly white with the classic four colored ‘G’ and the name of the product is printed on the face of the box with text details below. The front shows multiple angles that the security camera can see while the right and back face have live imagery similar to the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. The old box featured a larger number of words, whereas this one does not.

The left side shows the straightforward list of functions and how to work the cameras with Google Assitant, along with specs mentioned on the bottom.

If the printed images are anything like the ones displayed, Google seems to have done away with the ‘nest’ logo from the face of the camera. Unlike the Nest Hello, no white G logo is found on the image. The cleaner and more minimalistic branding seems a bit dubious but has not reflected on the Google Store as yet.

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