End Up With Much More Free Time On Your Hands Because Of 5 Great Cleaning Apps

When was the last time you could relax because your home was perfectly clean and tidy? Perhaps it feels like your work is never done, but that is only because you’re going about things the wrong way. You need a cleaning plan and your life will run more smoothly. I know it might sound tough, but wait until you’ve seen the features inside some of these amazing cleaning apps we’re going to look at today. Each of them will allow you to change the way your home is kept clean in a much more positive way.

Motivated Moms

If you’re a mom you’re probably struggling to find any time for yourself because working and looking after children is the same as working two full-time jobs. You then have to add the cleaning on top of that and it will get to the stage where you’re on your feet from the moment you wake up until the moment your head hits the pillow. Motivated Moms should help you by giving you a checklist of jobs you need to complete every day so you get everything finished much quicker than usual.

Green Shine

Do you realize how many harmful ingredients are in the cleaning products you use at the moment? There is no denying you’ll find plenty of toxic stuff under your sink, but it’s easy to change that and the Green Shine app will give you great alternatives you can use that will help the environment. It’s also very beneficial if you have any medical issues like sensitive skin, plus if you’re pregnant you might prefer to use greener cleaning products until your baby is born so you don’t waste time being sick.

Cozi Family Organizer

House cleaning is much easier when you get the whole family in on the action because everything will get finished much quicker when you have more sets of hands doing the work. The Cozy Family Organizer is more than a simple cleaning app, but you can still use it to organize your household chores. You will even be able to create checklists for your kids because if they’re old enough they will be able to pull their weight and it means you’ll have more free time available.

My Things

The My Things app is similar to the last app we talked about because it will let you come up with cleaning to-do lists you can share with your partner. If you each have your own duties you will argue less and you will each need to pull your own weight. Once a task has been completed you will be able to tick it off the list and when your partner looks at it they’ll know it’s been taken care of. This always comes in handy because it will stop you from doing something twice.


You’ll never end up with a clean home if you only spend your time washing and polishing everything. It’s also about keeping your home as organized as possible and that means throwing all your possessions in lots of different places. Once you’ve done that your rooms will look spotless, but there is a danger you might forget where you’ve put certain things. Sortly will make sure that doesn’t happen by letting you keep a record of where everything is after you’ve cleaned up.

It doesn’t get any easier

Once you find a way to keep your home clean and tidy in the fastest time possible your life will change for the better. Everyone wants to become more productive at work so they can make more money, but maybe it’s time to transfer that over into your home life so you end up with all the free time in the world.

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