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Chromebook owners are using Android apps 4x more, says Google

Chromebooks have always been limited in their ability as compared to its distant cousins the Mac or Windows PC. However, they have come a long way from the first time Google released the browser-based operating system. A significant change that was made to the operating system was in 2016 when the Google Chromebook was permitted to access the Play Store.

Not only did this open up Chromebook users to a world of possibilities, but it also proved to be a resounding success for Google. Chromebook was able to use any of the one billion applications available on the Google Play Store. Just within 2018, Android application usage on Google Chromebooks increased fourfold. This was made known at the Android Dev Summit.

This notable achievement for Google is another reason for Android developers to pick up their socks and better the usage of Android applications on devices other than smartphones. The need of the hour is for developers to begin catering to the Android app market on larger screens such as the Chromebook.

To further this aim, Google has announced that it will now permit Android application developers to install applications to Chromebooks without requiring to be tethered to a smartphone. You will no longer need to work on the Developer mode for the applications to work. This change will be rolled out for developer channels for Chrome OS 80 starting in November 2019.

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