Choosing Storage Facilities That Will Serve Your Needs The Best

There are many reasons why people choose self storage facilities, including downsizing the home, planning a move, or seeking for storage for excess luggage. Proper storage offers a hassle-free solution for purposes of securing valuables; it also provides storage space to allow customers to focus on important matters, such as running their business.

Storage facilities serve as an extension of the warehouse, office, home and garage. Storage facilities with advanced security features, controlled access and video surveillance are borne to give you a desirable peace of mind, knowing all things will be kept safe and secured. The tips for choosing storage facilities include:


It is important to find storage that is near your office, home or common transport routes. A storage facility that is readily accessible can save you time and money, particularly if you need to make frequent visits.


It is important to choose a storage facility that is fitted with all the necessary security systems. Find out how the valuables will be stored, the location of the storage facility, and the safety of the premises especially at night. A storage facility that is monitored 24/7; using state-of-the-art security checkpoints, burglar alarms, closed-circuit video recording, constant patrols and motion detectors make a great option.  Moreover, proper lighting, cameras, locks and fences can ensure all the belongings are returned when you need them.


The cost incurred in renting storage units depend mainly on the size and storage period. Discounts and special offers from storage units are often fewer during busy times. In order to attract and to commit customers, storage companies often provide free storage over the first month. Every time you consider price, find out whether free pick-up, free truck or a free move is factored.

Make sure a breakdown of the applicable charges is given and no “hidden” charges included, such as monthly deposits, electricity usage and key & lock charges.  Nevertheless, although price is an important factor, the decision for storage should not be made in isolation. Other factors such as security, accessibility and cleanliness will ensure you are receiving value for your money.


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