Brilliant Ideas For Employee Recognition Awards

A sincere thank you is always appreciated. If you are looking for an effective and low cost means for raising your employees’ morale, you will find the following ideas very useful. It is not always necessary to invest hundreds of dollars in purchasing the typical employee recognition awards. You can adopt an out of the box approach and make your employees feel special.

The ‘no-cost’ employee recognition ideas

  • You can simply post a thank you note on the employee’s door or desk and make him feel special.
  • You must always give special assignments and projects to those employees who are always willing to take an initiative.
  • Those who pursue continuing education should always be encouraged and appreciated.
  • Good employers always nominate their highly skilled employees for a University formal award program.
  • You must maintain an environment where the managers should serve as coaches and make an effort to influence their subordinates. The bossy environment should not be welcomed.
  • After the completion of project, you can send a thank you letter to your team members for their participation and dedication.
  • You can initiate a suggestion program in your office where everybody is allowed to share their two cents.

Ideas for employee recognition with minor to moderate cost

  • You can always plan a surprise picnic for your employees and make them feel special.
  • Creating a hall of fame with pictures of all the outstanding employees will make a great impact.
  • If your project has turned out to be very successful, you can make a photo collage of all the members who worked so hard in making it a big success.
  • Some employers send their workers fruit basket to make them feel fresh.
  • A nice book is always considered as a precious gift.
  • Ice cream sundae party after the project completion is the best way to relieve the stress.
  • Some companies celebrate ‘staff appreciation day’ where it is the duty of the managers to supply, cook and serve scrumptious food.

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