Be Prepared Before You Start Any Woodworking Processes!

If you have a newfound interest in working with wood, it is certainly beneficial to know what are the tools and preparations that you will need. After all, the last thing you want to happen would be to find out that you do not have the required tools to create the end product you want! Having proper preparations and tools will make your woodworking adventures a pleasant one while the lack of proper preparation and tools will slow down or impede your progress. Here are some preparations and essential tools you need or make before you start any of your woodworking adventure!


It is recommended that you wear a safety hat if you work in an area with heavy machinery that processes a lot of wood. The safety hat may absorb certain impact related incidents and could very well save you from permanent head damage from something like a falling chunk of wood!

It is critical that one wears gloves when woodworking as he or she may come in contact with machinery that have sharp edges or very rough surfaces like sanding belts. The glove reduces or even helps you avoid any injury if the user were to accidentally touch a sanding belt that is in operation.

Users should also remove any jewelry or necklaces as they might get tangled with the machinery or disrupt a worker’s attention. Do wear comfortable and fitting clothes as it is often hot in the woodwork area.


Every woodworker should be in possession of the following tools as they are often and commonly needed to craft, etch and create end products from a chunk of wood.

  • Handsaws and panel saws for breaking down large planks
  • Jack plane for processing lumber
  • Hammers for welding or forcing two objects together or to push a nail into the wood
  • Chisels for fine tuning the processed wood and for delicate etching processes
  • Sanding belts or sandpaper for smoothening out surfaces
  • Clamps for clamping wood together

Ensure that you are attentive and focus in the woodwork at all times. Never work while under the influence of alcohol or drugs as you might cause injury to yourself or even others while handling the tools!

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