6 Reasons Why Shared Hosting Blows

Managing your own website these days is easier than ever, what with the easy WordPress theme options and even easier hosting solutions out there. But when we look a little closer at some of these possibilities, perhaps it is too easy nowadays? Because you can choose a theme, pick a domain, and basically grab some cheap hosting all in less than one hour. And when you are using these vehicles as a way to earn your living, perhaps more time and care should be taken in the first place? This is especially true as far as shared hosting services are concerned. Because you can lose more than performance when your website starts to suffer, so let’s look at a few good reasons why you may be better advised to choose another option instead.

Poor Resources

If you are running an ecommerce site, the chances are that you will be using quite a lot of resources. This is going to cause problems on most shared hosting sites because they will only have a certain amount of disk space available for your account. The bandwidth also comes into play and the more times that your visitors are playing around with your cool video clips, the slower your site is going to respond.


If you are running sales through your website, you really should have SSL Encryption set up. Your customers may not be interested in dealing with you if this is not the case. With paid hosting, you will get your own SSL certificate as part of the whole package.


If you’ve spent a considerable time on designing your bespoke website, the last thing that you need is a virus attack. Shared hosting is renowned for being vulnerable to this type of problem, whereas VPS and dedicated server environments are far better protected.

Performance Matters

When it comes to offering a positive user experience, you should have a very fast website that never freezes or crashes. A shared server will never be as reliable as a VPS or dedicated option. Apparently the figures say that 40% of online shoppers will happily abandon their transaction if the application takes over 3 seconds to load. That is a lot of potential sales just floating away, just because you were too stingy to pay a little more for your server host!

Your Own IP

Having your very own IP address means that you also have full control over your website and your income. With a VPS you will get this plus your SSL certificate, you can deal with blacklisted users and your brand will be far safer as a result.

100% Uptime

If you listen to mortgage brokerage firms toronto, they’ll all tell you that downtime is bad for business. This is a common problem when you choose a shared hosting option, so why bother? You need your website to be up all year and by missing out on a few sales, you could easily cover the cost of that VPS hosting service.

It Makes Sense!

So come on! We’ve given you some sweet reasons why you need to switch, what are you waiting for?

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