3 Types Of Telephone Systems You Should Know About

We use telephones every day, and it has become an important piece of equipment in our lives. Individuals, companies, businesses, hospitals and offices all depend on it! There are a few telephone systems one should be aware of as it is easy to mix them up. Here are the 3 types of telephone systems that you should know of!

Landline telephone systems

Landline telephone systems are part of the Plain Old Telephone Service, otherwise known as (POTS). These telephones are an analog service with copper wiring that was designed by Alexander Graham Bell. The benefits of this system include but are not limited to – standardized equipment, solid sound quality and high reliability.

There is also no need to share the system’s capacity with others due to the direct connections to the central office of the company too!

Cellular phone systems

This is the phone network system that has been established for phones. Each phone company has their own phone system and network with varying levels of technology. Just like landline telephone systems, cellular phone systems are full-duplex systems which mean that the caller and recipient can talk at the same time.

Cellular phone systems use radio frequencies which enable the phone to be able to be used anywhere without connecting to a wire. The cellular network has also advanced to supporting transmission of data too.

Voice Over Internet Protocol phone systems

Also known as VOIP, this system uses internet connections to send and receive audio. Users need an analog telephone adaptor which connects to the modem, and it allows the user to call an individual using his or her internet connection!

Homeowners can use a T1 line which supports internet connection as well as the capabilities of a telephone line, thus saving money as there is no need to install both system separately and having to pay for both.

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