3 Types Of Roof Renovation Options You Should Know

A roof is actually a very integral part of any home’s structure as the walls and floors must be covered or sheltered with a good roof over their heads! Due to the high placement of where the roof is, owners may not know if the roof had been experiencing any problems until it is too late. Here are three types of roof renovation options you can look into!

Opt for roof restoration

You may find that the condition of the roof is questionable. Homeowners commonly find moss, fungi, dirt and grime on roof tiles, or find that the tiles have chipped away or have been broken in some areas. This is considered a relatively small problem and can be solved by roof restoration. It involves the re-bedding and repointing of damaged roof tiles as well as using a high pressure water hose to wash away dirt, grime and any moss found clogged between the tiles. Homeowners can also repaint the roof tiles which may have faded in color over time.

Decide on roof repair instead

Homeowners should decide on repairing the roof instead, if the condition of the roof is leaking or if there is a case of sagging. A significant portion of the roof may be replaced or require re-nailing or shifting. The roof may also be leaking in areas and the owner may observe if there’s any sagging in the middle of the roof. It is best to have a roof inspector check the condition of the roof and get them to suggest any recommendations and interim solutions that are applicable to your current situation.

Last resort: Replacing the roof

Some roofs are beyond restoration or repair and have to be replaced entirely. This is for roofs that are more than fifty percent damaged, experience leaks in many areas or are found to have many broken tiles. It is expensive to replace the whole roof but it is by far the most reliable option as a long term solution. It is recommended to hear a building constructor’s opinion before agreeing to a roof replacement.

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