3 Things You Need To Know Before Painting Your Bricks

The natural colors of bricks may be enough for some, but others may find that the brick work needs a layer of paint to fit into the home’s design and style. It may seem easy and worry-free to paint bricks but do be aware of the risks involved! There are some considerations that every homeowner should be aware of and here are three of them!

Must you paint your brick?

This is a question that homeowners should ask themselves before painting the brick. The truth is that bricks were never meant to be painted! Careful planning and consideration should be done to have painted bricks that do not require frequent maintenance.

Bricks that are chipped, broken or falling apart should not be painted. Water seeps into the pores of a brick and it exits through that after some time. If water enters a broken or chipped brick that has be painted, it will have nowhere to exit and this will cause the moisture to build up within and the paint will chip off in a short matter of time.

There are some risks involved

Paint will not stick well to a brick that has some moisture in it which may be caused by a bout of rainfall earlier. The painter should ensure that the paint is completely dry before painting it. Some moisture remains in the brick and a white residue called efflorescence may build up due to the reaction of the moisture within the brick. This residue will not mix well with the paint and it is a must to remove it before painting!

Before painting the bricks

Simply give the bricks a wash using soap and water and steer away from using acidic solutions as it might stay on the brick surface and easily chip the paint. Do clean the bricks thoroughly and let it dry for a day before painting them.

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