3 Reasons Why Your WordPress Blog is Running Like a Dog

If you have chosen a WordPress design to power your blog with, how is it working out for you? Because there can be little doubt that these platforms offer an awesome way into blogging without a lot of effort on your part. You can choose a gorgeous theme and even tweak the hell out of it without any real coding skills in your arsenal. But the problem with this approach is that many of us get carried away and as a result, we don’t really take enough care of the finer details. So if your current WordPress theme is taking an age to load up, perhaps this article will be able to assist you. There are dozens of reasons for this slow performance and we don’t have time for each of them. But instead we will narrow down to the 3 most obvious reasons and hopefully you’ll get some value from these suggestions.

Plugins Everywhere!

Okay, we all love a good plugin and these little guys can take a lot of strain away from our input, but they need to be managed correctly. It is ever so easy to swap them over until you find the best option, but that is where the problems begin. Each time that your site is loading, it needs to deal with each of these bad boys. And some of them are just rubbish to start with. Your best plan of action here is to suss out which ones you actually require. Start disabling and removing the rest of them and you will soon be onto a winner. Did you know that there is also a performance plugin that can measure the performance of its brothers and sisters? It’s known as P3 and can save you a lot of time and hassle.

Homepage Blues

We all want our homepage to impress our visitors, but these can easily become cluttered with useless widgets and such like. The more of these your site has to deal with, the slower it will be able to load effectively. And most of your visitors will be long gone before they can even get past this tedious bump in the road.  Use WordPress to minimise the post displays and remove your unnecessary widgets while you are at it.

Image Sizes

2014 is the year of visual content but let’s not get carried away okay? If you have oodles of massive images on your site, it will play havoc with the loading time of your WordPress site. Your best plan of action here is to use an image optimiser program that can compact the images without losing any serious quality. We’d recommend something like for this important job. WordPress have a version that automatically compresses your image files as you add them to your site. Lovers of rma mortgages will be able to load as many glorious images as they like and the plugin will enable your site to load just as quickly as before!

Quicker Yet?

Just try these 3 killer tips and let us know how much faster your WP site is as a result!

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