3 Great Ways To Save On Your Printer Ink

In the modern era, it is very common to see a working printer in our homes. They are cheap, easy to use and have become a necessary item for us to have in our daily lives, be it for work or for printing out a groceries list before we head for the supermarket. However, there is a tricky issue that everyone who owns a printer faces constantly and that is the need for printer ink. There are a few causes for that. Some printers simply do not have the capacity to store ink that can be used for months, especially home printers. Others may use the ink up faster to produce higher quality prints, especially coloured images. With that said, here are some methods you can use to save on printer ink and use them for a longer period of time.

Don’t print at the highest settings every time

Many people set their printer to the highest settings to ensure they get the best print quality they can get from the printer. However, that can take a serious toll on the ink amount. So before you commence printing, think about whether or not the document can be printed in lesser settings, like without color, to minimize the use of ink.

Customize your document

We can also look to the contents of our document to save ink. Is it really necessary to have a font of that style? Or a need for them to be so big that a few sentences fills up half the page? Think about the type, size, and color of your document and decide whether or not it is necessary for your document to be of a colorful and wild design before deciding to hit the print button.

Be selective on what you print

You don’t always have to print every page of a Word document, or every slide in a PowerPoint file. Print only what is necessary, and select the pages you need under print settings, to make sure you only spend ink on the necessary stuff.

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