3 Great Benefits Of VoIP And Why You Should Switch Over Today

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) was developed in order to provide access to audio and video communication to anywhere in the world without the need to be tied to a phone line. It allows the user to make calls over their broadband internet plan instead of the conventional and traditional analog phone system.

It works by first converting sound it receives, into digital voice transmissions and then transferring the audio data over the internet. Here are 3 great benefits of having one!

A significant reduction in telephone fees

Users pay for each minute they use up while on a phone and talking to an overseas friend can get really expensive. It uses the internet as a means to transfer data to and fro, and it supports voice calls too! Therefore, homeowners can use their existing internet plan and set up a system to place or receive calls through the system, using the internet as a backbone.

This means that users are using two services (telephone and internet browsing) for the price of one (internet plan)!

Support for Video transmission too

Only 2 people can speak on a phone line unless the phone supports conferencing. However, many users and callers can participate in a single session! A whole team of staff split in different locations can join the same session and speak. It also supports video transmissions which make the discussion or call a lot better.

For home and for business

Homeowners can leverage the benefits of this technology in their home by looking into replacing their home telephone line entirely, thus saving money but still retaining the ability to call by using the internet plan.

Businesses can leverage on the benefits of this technology by using VoIP as a means to communicate with one another and engage in group discussions regardless of place or time, as long as there is an internet connection. It is very efficient, time saving and cost saving!

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