3 Basic Reasons Why You Need To Learn English

Enrolling for a course in English or curso de ingles can go a long way in improving your life. Knowing how to communicate in English grants the ideal opportunity to access important information available from various sources including the internet, TV, Radio and print media. Furthermore, you get the ideal opportunity to make friends with people around the majority of the English speaking nations. Knowing how to communicate effectively using English is a door opener that can land you lucrative employment opportunities and positions.

Access information

Whatever area you are interested in, perhaps as a career or hobby, information is crucial. Today, people can exploit various channels to get important information pertaining to sports, business, health, computers, music, science and much more. Nevertheless, most of this information is available in English.

Therefore, learning English can help you access over one billion pages of information available on the website. Furthermore, the majority of books are written originally in English, with a few translated to other languages. Moreover, the majority of newspapers and magazines written in English can be purchased from any part of the world, often through the internet.

Communicate with people

English is the accepted mode of communication at home, in offices and the streets. About 1.5 billion people speak English, while an additional 1 billion are learning it. Furthermore, 80% of postcards and letters are written using English. In addition, most of the international events, including conferences, sports events and contests are facilitated in English. In fact, English is the language of organization in many international organizations, such as the UN bodies and NATO. Having knowledge of English will enable you to travel more easily and contact more people from around the world.

Advance your career

If you are interested in getting a good job, be it in science, technology or business, you need to know how to communicate using English. English is the main language in Science and technology. Therefore, if you are interested in a career in any of these fields you need to sign up for a curso de ingles. Having a good understanding of English will help you become a world-class scientist, doctor, business person and much more.

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