Your 12-pack Toting Days are Numbered

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Why are we buying all those bottles and cans of soda?
Oceans of corn syrup, mountains of glass and plastic waste, money, fossil fuels; this is wrong on so many levels I don’t know where to begin.

Americans consume about 50 billion liters of soda a year. That comes to 216 liters for every man, woman, and child, most of it sealed in plastic or aluminum. It’s labeled and packaged and packed into cartons. It’s shipped around the country, passes through distributors and wholesalers and retailers, before it’s toted home in 12-packs loaded into the trunk of a car.

All that for water and flavoring and some CO2 for carbonation. The stuff could come from anywhere, and we’re importing it like it’s lobsters from Maine.

You can (and should) make soda at home.
It’s economical and green and better for your health. The easiest way to go about making soda and sparkling water is with a home system. The newest versions are light years away from the old-fashioned, cumbersome seltzer siphons. All you do is fill a bottle with tap water, pop it into a soda maker, and in 3 seconds you have seltzer. You can make sparkling fruit juice, adjust the bubble size to your preference, or add extracts and syrups to make soda.

The initial investment (machine, carbonation, bottles, a few syrups) starts at around $100, but quickly pays for itself. You only have to give up a few inches of counter space, and it works without electricity.

Slate’s Get Busy with the Fizzy marvels at the home carbonation phenomenon, and details the perfect storm of economics, health concerns, environmental awareness, and nostalgia that shaped it.

You can make classics like homemade ginger ale, root beer, and cream soda, or experiment with herbs and seasonal ingredients like strawberry-rhubarb, chai tea, and orange-lemongrass. The Homemade Soda Expert has tips and links to suppliers and recipes.



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3 Responses to Your 12-pack Toting Days are Numbered

  1. Janice says:

    Extra space AND you’re avoiding BPAs in canned goods. Good for you!

  2. In the meantime, my new fridge has TONS of wasted space on the door thanks to it’s canned soda/beer dispenser! I don’t drink anything at all in cans, and still haven’t figured out how to use that wasted space! Don’t use canned soups either. It’s utterly wasted space in an already too small fridge!

  3. Monet says:

    Your blog is looking just spectacular…and I agree, we need to start doing away with all these bottles! Thank you for sharing with me tonight. I hope you have a fun-filled weekend. I’m going to be baking and enjoying this Texas heat! Hugs from Austin!

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