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The instructional book publisher For Dummies has announced its newest title: Food Blogging for Dummies.

Come on in, the water’s fine.
It’s been estimated that a new blog is born every half second, and an awful lot of them are food blogs. Blogging continues to redefine the way information is exchanged, and its influence is irrefutable. Political blogs have the power to oust political leaders, video blogs create instant celebrities, and food bloggers moved no less a mountain than McDonald’s when they got the fast food giant to shrink the french fries and add apples to its Happy Meals.

Food blogs have grown up.
Food bloggers took their knocks in the early days when the category was overrun with the tedium of the hyper-personal ‘Today I had a cheese sandwich‘ genre (bear in mind that the whole of the blogosphere seemed to then be powered by cute kittens and homemade porn). While tedious, navel-gazing scribblings can still be found, many more food blogs are serious endeavors that inform, entertain, and edify. They’re increasingly authored by chefs, cookbook authors, and other food industry professionals, and are essential reading for every restaurateur, purveyor, grower, and policy-maker. Food bloggers are followed assiduously by editors, publishers, and journalists of all stripes (who often envy their readership) and are courted by publicists and marketers, agents and manufacturers.

Food Blogging for Dummies is the latest title to join a literary lineup that includes primers on ferret-keeping, programming your TIVO, buying property in Spain, and how to feng shui your garden (or home or office). While it’s authored by a totally legitimate and talented food journalist, early word (the book’s release date is still a month away) has it that chapter titles include¬†How to Write a Top Ten List and Using Words Like Toque, Delish, and Drool-Worthy For Fun and Profit. Really.

Here are some other resources to visit for a look at the world of food blogging:

Yes, we have them. It’s the Food Blog Code of Ethics.

Saveur publishes one of the internet’s more definitive lists of top food blogs.
The magazine has also created A Brief History of Food Blogs.

It all started here in 1997.




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