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Such irony that the launch of my new blog was delayed by technical difficulties (ahem… that would be my difficulties with the technology). But maybe that’s the point of all of this; that our ability to exploit the richness of contemporary food culture is hampered by its own vastness and complexity.

Dinner has gone global. And local. It’s reviewed online by professional critics and by thousands of citizen journalists. It’s created in laboratory kitchens around the globe and by artisanal practitioners around the corner. It’s organic and fairly-traded, dolphin-safe and bird-friendly, shade-grown and sustainable, carbon-neutral and recyclable. Or not.

Gigabiting.com is here to meet you at the intersection of food and technology. You’ll discover the latest cooking gadgets and the hottest dining trends, apps for your phone and blogs to read. I’ll be foraging online to bring you the finest in food shopping and the freshest in food news.

Food meets culture and technology: it’s how we eat in the 21st century.

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