With Little Fanfare, Google Rolls Out its Recipe Search Engine.



One out of every 100 Google searches is for a recipe.

Since Google executes about one billion searches each day, that adds up to 10 million recipe queries a day. A day.
Did you think the Google juggernaut would sit back and let specialized searches like Allrecipes and Epicurious chip away at all that traffic?

About a year ago, Google started asking food sites to add snippets of code to their web pages. It’s invisible to you, the reader, but enormously valuable to search engines. The snippets give coded structure to¬† content so that search engines can identify recipes and present search results in a standardized fashion.

You’re already familiar with this kind of Google search. Enter a search term, say strawberry, and click on one of the vertical searches from the options in the column to the left of the Google search bar: choose News and you’ll be reading about strawberry festivals; Shopping, and the results include scented hand creams and backyard planters; choose Maps and you’ll learn that the town of Strawberry is in northern Arkansas. The new Recipe search option not only brings you jams, daiquiris, and shortcakes, but the search results include ingredients lists, cooking times, and user reviews, thanks to the coded snippets. And it returns nothing but recipes, eliminating links to any other kind of results.

You can slice and dice your results.
You can search for recipes connected to a particular chef, restaurant, publication, or holiday and filter the results by cooking time or calories.
You can be deliberately vague (braise) or absurdly specific (spicy vegan curry salt-free gluten-free eggplant braise).

It’s the Joy of (online) Cooking: an encyclopedic body of content with great search specificity. No back-of-the-cookbook index can touch it.

Add your own recipes to the Google search universe. Will Write for Food can show you how to add the necessary code.


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  1. Janice- Thank you for sharing this google recipe info with everyone. Much, much, much appreciated!!

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