Where’s the Edible Emblem for Gay Pride Week?

It’s Gay Pride Week, so where are the special holiday delicacies?
This is a celebration in need of a dish– an edible emblem, a culinary signature.

The dish needs to be festive, sure, but it also should bind together the generations in their observance. It should feel as if the spirit of those that came before are hovering over the holiday table. And if it uses a chiffonade, all the better.

All the great holidays have one.
Thanksgiving has its turkey and St. Patrick’s Day has corned beef and cabbage. Even Passover, a Jewish salute to deprivation mind you, has its matzoh ball soup. How can it be that Gay Pride Week doesn’t have a signature food?

From little boys with Easy Bake Ovens to a love of brunch (carbs! sunglasses indoors!), food culture runs deep in the LGBT community. The reverse is true as well; the community has always been well-represented in the kitchen, filling the gap between mom-cooks and the meat-slapping alpha males at the grill.

There is a contingent backing the cupcake; it’s a tad trendy and obvious, but it does make a certain amount of sense. Cupcakes have buttercream and sprinkles going for them, and cupcakes became a rallying cry for the gay rights struggle when an Indianapolis bakery refused to make rainbow cupcakes for a customer’s National Coming Out Day celebration.

Personally, I would like to see something a little weightier with cultural and historical significance; something that hasn’t been co-opted and over-exposed by the mainstream. Plus, cupcakes are already the domain of third grade classroom birthday celebrations—Gay Pride Week shouldn’t have to share.

There isn’t a definitive dish of Gay Pride Week, but there are still plenty of ways to celebrate.

We are fabulous–therefore we eat out! is the motto of Gay Eats, nationwide listings of gay-owned, gay-friendly, and gay-popular dining, with shout-outs to hunky waiters.

The Daily Hookup, a gay-oriented answer to Groupon,, is a deal site with a carefully curated lineup of bars and restaurants.

Be there for the grand opening this month of The Big Gay Ice Cream Shop (the widely anticipated spinoff of the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck) for treats like the Bea Arthur and the Salty Pimp.

Obama Foodorama lets you follow the food adventures of First Pastry Chef Bill Yosses, the openly gay, Executive Pastry Chef known around the White House as ‘the Crustmaster’.

In honor of Gay Pride Week, Fork in the Road, the food blog of the Village Voice, is temporarily transformed into the Big Gay Food Blog.



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