What If Alfred Hitchcock Had Watched The Food Network?


… or if Stephen King was a foodie?

You would end up with a movie very much like Bitter Feast, which just had its world premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

Bitter Feast tells the story of a chef whose career is in a tailspin. His restaurant is struggling, and the ratings have slipped for his television cooking show. The final blow is dealt by a food blogger who trashes the restaurant online, describing the food served as ‘vomitous.’ Fired from both the restaurant and the network gig, the chef kidnaps the blogger to exact his revenge.

What follows is a bit like Saw meets Top Chef. The blogger is held captive while being forced to execute a series of food challenges, from preparing a perfect over-easy egg to grilling a steak to a precise medium-rare. He is punished sadistically for anything less than total perfection.

Not merely gourmet gore, the film skewers subjects like restaurant criticism, the cult of celebrity, and the media. Plus you learn a lot about what makes the perfect over-easy egg. Look for a cameo by Mario Batali as the restaurant owner.

Bitter Feast— the official trailer:

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4 Responses to What If Alfred Hitchcock Had Watched The Food Network?

  1. Wow…great post, and fantastic title, Hitchcock and then Stephen King:) These are my kind of guys, lol. The film looks like a must see to me! Love,love this write up!
    P.S. The 2 loves were not a typo:)

  2. Janice says:

    We do need to be reminded of the very real power of words.
    As for the gore, I am uncertain of sitting through the film. Certainly i won’t need much popcorn.

  3. Whoa. That’s intense. It looks really well made but I don’t think I have the constitution to watch it. You can empathize with the chef but he lost his ethical compass. Critics have their role but so many get carried away with the entertainment aspect forgetting there’s a human being on the receiving end. Honesty and objectivity is good but scathing is unnecessary and uncivilized.

  4. What a hilarious yet probably not un-thought scenario. Social media and blogging definitely changed the dynamic between restaurant and patron. You never know who and why will trash your work and you absolutely cannot make everyone happy. The movie sounds entertaining!

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