What I Ate On My Summer Vacation

Let’s cut to the chase.
Sure, you can sit on a beach or breathe in the clean mountain air. You can tromp through museums and national parks, or get your thrills at a theme park. But you know that what you really look forward to on your vacation is the food.

What if the food is the vacation?
Food and wine festivals are in season. Late summer and fall are prime time for culinary tourism. You can partake of local delicacies, attend a demonstration or masterclass, or rub shoulders with a celebrity chef. There are farm dinners, winemakers’ dinners, and festivals of food trucks. And it all takes place in the company of like-minded food lovers.

Delicious destinations:
There’s Maine lobster, persimmons in Indiana, Sheboygan bratwurst, and chiles in Santa Fe. New York and Los Angeles both host celebrity-studded festivals. Any region, any tastes: the toughest part is choosing.
FoodReference.com lists events, expos, agricultural fairs, and food and beverage festivals through 2012, searchable by date, nation, or U.S. state.
The Big, World-Wide List of Festivals is a comprehensive list of links with special emphasis on wine and spirits;  LocalWineEvents. com can locate something closer to home.
Eventbrite.com tracks small food-related events like workshops, lectures, and films, many geared toward the food professional.
Alison Wellner blogs about culinary travel, and moderates a forum where you can post questions and learn from the experiences of fellow travelers.

Alternatively, you could always take a trip to Cincinnati,


Or Six Flags over somewhere,


or visit the folks back home.



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