Walmart Sells the Groceries While U.S.Taxpayers Feed its Employees


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We all know that Walmart sits at the top of many lists.
It’s the world’s largest private employer, the world’s biggest retailer, and one of the most valuable companies in history.
Here in the U.S. it’s the largest seller of food, collecting one of every four dollars spent on groceries. It also rakes in more from food stamp recipients than any other retailer, hauling in nearly 40% of all food stamp spending.

Here’s another lists it tops:
Walmart workers lead the nation in government subsidies to the working poor.

Because of low wages and lack of covered benefits, each Walmart store costs taxpayers an average of $420,000 in annual government assistance, or about $943 per Walmart employee. With as many as 80% of store workers falling into the safety net, Walmart employees top the list of food stamp and Medicaid recipients in dozens of states, collecting a total of $2.66 billion in taxpayer assistance last year.

All that food, all that profit, all those food stamps. You might call it ironic; some call it the conservative circle of life; I call it reprehensible.

See your city, county, state, and federal tax dollars at work (for Walmart) with the interactive map found at Walmart Subsidy Watch.

One Response to Walmart Sells the Groceries While U.S.Taxpayers Feed its Employees

  1. Mike says:

    The lack of logical thought is evident. For starters, were the Walmart store not there, would the workers be better off, or worse off? How much worse would these workers and their families be if the products that Walmart provides at low prices were not available.

    It also ignores the total failure of the “social safety net” in alleviating poverty. These programs have spent trillions in the “war on poverty”, to no measurable positive effect. Much of that spending has gone to bureaucrats. How much wealthier would the country be had those resources been allowed to go to the production of goods and services. The fact is that the poverty rate was falling consistently before the “War on Poverty” was fully funded, and has stopped falling since then.

    It’s their dedication to stealing money from productive people to give to bureaucrats reliant on keeping people in poverty for their existence that dooms people. This is why Statists are bad people.

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