U.S. Government Gets 2 Million Fortune Cookies


No, it wasn’t one hell of a takeout order.

The cookies are part of the U.S. Census Bureau’s effort to reach various ethnic populations. The Bureau ordered two million custom cookies from a fortune cookie factory in Seattle’s Chinatown. Crack one open and the fortune reads Put down your chopsticks and get involved in Census 2010, or one of the other four messages exhorting us to fill out and return our census forms. The cookies will be available this spring in Chinese restaurants throughout the Northwest.

The fortune cookie is so much more than a crisp treat wrapped around a slip of paper.

Some 3 billion fortune cookies are made each year, nearly all in the United States. They are little-known in China, where they are individually packaged with explicit instructions to prevent the inadvertent consumption of the fortune.

In 1995, when 110 separate winners came forward to collect a $19.4 million Powerball prize, the lottery association thought it had a cheating scandal on its hands until it was revealed that nearly every winner had gotten the winning numbers– a one-in-three million combination– from fortune cookies manufactured in the same cookie factory in Queens.

Explore this uniquely predictive pastry:

Click on a cookie to try your luck with an online fortune generator. Not feeling lucky? Try a misfortune cookie. Or you can load a mobile fortune cookie generator onto your iPhone- now that’s a useful app.

Native Intelligence, Inc. produces a line of security awareness fortune cookies containing such pearls of wisdom as: You are wise and diligent. You always wear your ID and escort your guests; and Confucius says leave clear desk while away and at the end of each day.

The wisdom of tweets: Portland designer Neven Mrgen fills his fortune cookies with top Twitter messages.

Every once in a while you come across a clunker. Funny, creepy, nonsensical—submit them all to the Weird Fortune Cookie Collection.

Same old, same old… grape, blueberry, cappuccino, green apple, root beer, cotton candy; these flavors and more are available from Fancy Fortune Cookies. We’re not sure why.

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