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image courtesy of City Food Magazine

image courtesy of City Food Magazine

Are you a Twitter skeptic?

Have you been slow to warm to the charms of microblogging?
We all know the pitfalls: the time-sucking potential; the relentless stream of random messages; the trivial, navel-gazing quality of too many tweets.

It’s time to stop blaming the messenger!

Yes, there are people on Twitter who treat the platform as their personal diaries. There are those who will waste your time with tweets that are uncensored, inane, aggravating, and inappropriate. And there are users who fill their tweets with more poor syntax, typos, and grammatical incorrectness than you would think is possible in 140 characters.
That’s not who you want to follow.

The Twitter world of food makes a strong case for joining the service.
It blurs the line between amateurs and professionals better than other forms of social media, giving you a six-degrees-of-separation kind of connection to friends, strangers, and celebrities. It can give you access, take you behind the scenes, and invite you to join conversations that would be otherwise unavailable to you. It’s a world inhabited by people who fill their tweets with focused, cogent, impassioned talk.

There are aggregators that have sifted through Twitter’s 60 million users to create focused lists that have been curated by food and media professionals.

Listorious maintains listings of Twitter lists. Choose from dozens of topics (recipes,cupcakes, restaurants, organics) and Listorious will give you a list of the very best Twitterers on that subject. They also maintain national, regional, and city listings, blogger groupings, and celebrity Tweeters.

The recently launched GastroBuzz tracks the Twitter accounts of leading chefs, food journalists, authors, and food bloggers. You can follow Gastrobuzz through their main, general interest page or select from their Chefs list, Print Media, or best of the Web. If you don’t have a Twitter account, you can still follow the action through the website.

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  1. Alexa says:

    Once again so informative. I am not on Tweeter for the reasons you mentioned. You gave me food for thought. Thanks!

  2. Janice says:

    You are again too kind! Btw, loved your falafel piece.

  3. Sister, you are on the pulse. Another great post!

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