Trend Watching 2010

image via Free Republic

image via Free Republic

It’s that time of year.

We look back at this past year and ahead to the next.
The media are full of lists enumerating the best and worst of 2009 and prophesizng the trends for 2010.
A good best of/worst of list is one we agree with. A good trend report is tougher to spot.

Looking back at the food industry trends for this past year, who could have predicted the ways in which restaurants and purveyors added Twittering to their marketing arsenal, or the popularity and legitimacy of food truck cuisine? In fact those were just two of the uncannily accurate entries that appeared in last year’s trend forecast issued by Andrew Freeman & Co., the restaurant and hospitality industry consultants. I sat up and took notice this week when the company issued its predictions for 2010.

Highlights from the report:

• the proliferation of chef-run gardens and restaurateur/farmer alliances.

• a broader view of meats to include more duck, rabbit, and off-cuts.

• food on sticks: skewers, satay, yakitori, kebabs.

• the expanded use of touch-screen interfaces; check-in, wine lists, ordering, and payment will all get the treatment.

• special events with guest chefs and bartenders; movie and television viewing nights; games and tournaments; and service offerings from yoga instructors, singers, masseurs.

Hot foods for 2010:
• eggs: deviled, pickled, deep fried • sous vide fruit• global pastas: ramen, soba and spaghetti • cassoulet and crock pots
• fritters and croquettes • ceviche• fried chicken • polenta and grits

Cool drinks for 2010:
• wine on tap • spiked milkshakes• floral essences: rosewater, crème de violette, hibiscus syrup • beer cocktails
• cocoa and coffee flavorings •hard cider • foam art aand branded drinks

The complete report can be downloaded from the Andrew Freeman & Co. website.

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