Those Aren’t Fries on Chick-fil-A’s Value[s] Menu

a show of support from the conservative Christians at the American Family Association


Wendy’s gives you a chocolate Frosty™.  Arby’s makes it curly fries. Chick-fil-A has its own take on the Value Menu, serving up crispy chicken on a squishy bun with a side of ‘family’ values.

Chick-fil-A has never made a secret of its faith-based agenda. The company closes all its restaurants on Sundays and has openly (often discriminatorily and sometimes illegally) factored a potential employee’s marital status and civic and church involvement in its hiring process. It also gives millions of dollars in contributions to conservative Christian causes.

How conservative, you ask?

  • Exodus International—they cure homosexuality with prayers, although sometimes ‘reparative therapy’ needs a jump start from stun guns and something they call masturbatory reconditioning- and there’s an app for that!;
  • The American Family Association—when they’re not fretting about the blatant homosexual agendas of the PTA and Disney movies, they’d like to outlaw mosques on American soil, and ban Muslims from the military;
  • The Fellowship of Christian Athletes—didn’t Germany have one of these back in the 30’s?

The company also seems to give to pretty much any organization that works to defeat gay marriage initiatives: the Council of Conservative Citizens (while they’re at it they’d like to get rid of marriage between races too), Focus on the Family, The Family Resource Council, the Ruth Institute (one man, one women, and we’d all be better off if that women would just stay home and take care of her family), the Pennsylvania Family Institute (if we’d gotten rid of sex education we wouldn’t be dealing with this nonsense), the Marriage and Family Legacy Fund….yes, the list goes on.

Chick-fil-A has been in the liberals’ cross hairs for years. The bigotry and intolerance of its conservative corporate ethos has sparked a series of boycotts, mostly from LGBT communities, and in recent months protests have sprung up on college campuses. The Universities of Delaware, North Texas, and New Orleans, Mississippi State. Bowling Green State, Northeastern, and NYU have all debated Chick-fil-A’s place on their campuses, with some of the school administrations choosing to suspend business operations or ban the chain from their premises.

The privately held, family owned Chick-fil-A is certainly free to flex its evangelical Christian muscles, just as we are free to decide that Chick-fil-A leaves a bad taste in our mouths.


13 Responses to Those Aren’t Fries on Chick-fil-A’s Value[s] Menu

  1. Tina says:

    “I applaud CFA. Now exactly WHO is intolerant? CFA hires even gay people, and blacks, and hispanics, and caucasians and maybe others I don’t know about. They close on Sundays. Excellent! Praise God and make a joyful noise unto the Lord.”

    Perfect example of a Chick-fil-A customer! So nice of Chick-fil-A to hire all them minorities. Keeps them busy so they’re not stealing the silver, huh?

  2. ddave says:

    @Juliet – so now private companies aren’t allowed to do with their profits as they wish? If you don’t like it, just don’t go there. Tell your friends not to go there if you want. People on the other side of the argument are free to do the same. People are welcome to with their money as they wish as long as they aren’t breaking the law. Welcome to the land of the free.

    I went to CFA the other day in downtown chicago and the line was still out the door. I guess “Chicago Values” just don’t apply to everyone here in Chicago. How long until the mayor and his crony alderman start kicking individuals out of the city for not “getting in line”???

  3. AchAy says:

    You can believe whatever you want in America, the land of the free. “throwing stones” due to other people’s beliefs is another thing. I don’t believe the gay population and “true” Christians, would care that Dan Cathy is religious, and has certain beliefs that include believing that homosexuality is a sin (and eating shrimp, and wearing blended clothes, and commiting adultery, and lying, ect)
    But dontating the profits of your business to charities whose whole purpose is to hurt another group of people? That is neither Christian nor worthy of any decent human being’s support…
    There are PLENTY of indescent human beings to keep CFA in business so don’t sweat it.
    If he doesn’t believe in homosexuality he should just not have sex with men, and let God deal with sinner’s he’s trying to send to get shock therapy at Exodus International <—I thought that's how it was supposed to be anyway.

  4. Ry says:

    There is so much outrage over this Chick Fil A boycott from supporters of Chick Fil A and their position with gay marriage but what about the Walmart boycott or the Heinz Corp Boycott for supporting it…the list goes on and on. I hate it when people are behaving like the pot calling the kettle black. If someone in large business or high social stance states the personal opinions publicly it is expected for this kind of thing to happen. There is so much in this world going wrong that if we put our energy into helping and loving each other this world could be such a better place! Instead we are to busy criticizing and tearing down someone we don’t agree with. Such a shame… Chick Fil A brought this on their self! He has a right to his own opinion, we all do, but you must be willing to put your foot in your mouth if you are going to express it ignorantly and publicly.

  5. vincent says:

    thank you Juliet, couldnt have said better myself, a point i keep repeating myself to others

  6. Stanley says:

    I could care less if gays are aloud to marry. I just think it’s funny all these people in California are so upset with this when they live in a state where the people voted into law the same thing this guy believes in. Maybe the politicians in CA who are calling for a boycott of the restaurant should also call for a boycott of there own state.

  7. Gwen Norcross says:

    I applaud CFA. Now exactly WHO is intolerant? CFA hires even gay people, and blacks, and hispanics, and caucasians and maybe others I don’t know about. They close on Sundays. Excellent! Praise God and make a joyful noise unto the Lord.

    I enjoy Christian values but I too am tolerant of others. In my own family we have mixtures of mixtures and all love one another and each other.

    Lighten up people. Find something worth while to talk about. How about love and peace?

  8. Juliet Jimenez says:

    No one has a problem with the fact that they are a Christian company! Why do people keep trying to spin in that way?

    It’s their blatant support of organizations that work to defeat gay marriage initiatives, harm gay children through bogus reparation therapy, and promote legislation that will further marginalize the gay community. As an organization, they HURT PEOPLE and, by association, the franchise owners AND the folks who give them money by purchasing their food are also hurting people.

    Not all Christian organizations go to the lengths CFA does to promote their religious agenda by political means. Stop minimizing it by saying “it’s just their religion and they have a right to it.” They may have a right to it, but by using their financial wherewithal to force their religious beliefs on the general population, they go beyond just being a Christian restaurant.

  9. laytonian says:


  10. I eat at Pollards myself says:

    CFA has been a Christian Business for years, none of this is a surprise… But to openly “offend” part of your customer base is moronic. Gay money spends just as good as Straight money…

  11. Republikid says:

    Chik-fil-A serves thousands of homosexuals daily, and has gays on their payroll. If they don’t discriminate against gays who buy their food, or gays who want to work there, than the argument is that The company is faith based and their faith states that “holy matrimony” is between a man and a woman, and choose to adhere to those values and donate money to groups who share those values. If we want to stop companies that are against ‘gay marriage’.

    Than on that single alone we would need to shut down any company owned by a Christian, a Muslim, A Hindu, etc…..most religions have specific rules on marriage(usually ones that promote the propagation of the species). Those rules are based on their beliefs. The laws regarding marriage is written the same way because at the time, there weren’t homosexuals protesting them, and most people agreed with the idea of marriage being intricately tied to holy matrimony.

    Things may have changed, but the basic ideas behind marriage in this country have not. So unless you can find a way to separate the religious aspect from the legal one, than this never be solved.

  12. Kit DeLuca says:

    Won’t eat it. Didn’t eat it. Won’t try it now.
    I got potential.

  13. Cole says:

    but the fries are sooo fucking good.

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