This isn’t better than sex; this ice cream IS sex.

This is ice cream that comes with a parental advisory.

It’s a sweets parlor crossed with a George Michael video.
There’s a dj spinning on one side and a fashion show catwalk on the other. The soda jerks are model-thin beauties in glossy dominatrix get-ups. The hip iconography borrows freely from street art, gangsta style, and porn.
Trust me, you’re not in Baskin-Robbins.

The advertising adage tells us that sex sells; we just didn’t know that it sells ice cream.

The London-based Icecreamists know how to sell the hype along with the sweets. Menu items are arranged as vice cream, lunchtime licks, and guilty pleasures. They come in flavors like ‘The Vanilla Monologues,’ ‘Cold Sweat,’  ‘Wikilicks,’ and their most famous creation, the breast milk-based ‘Baby Gaga.’ Yes, the Icecreamists are those guys.

The Icecreamists are no strangers to the publicity stunt. Before the Lady Gaga fracas, they graced the morning papers for tangling with the Sex Pistols. The Icecreamists appropriated imagery from the record jacket for the band’s single God Save the Queen, and added the altered tagline God Save the Cream. John Lydon, formerly the Sex Pistols’ Johnny Rotten, was not amused.

For all the decadent graphics and calculated boundary-pushing, the ice cream (as yet unsampled by Gigabiting) is rumored to be quite good. The parlor’s founder spent time in Italy studying flavor theory at Bologna’s Carigiani Gelato University. The provenance of the ingredients— Madagascan vanilla pods, Ecuadorean dark chocolate, Italian balsamic vinegar crema— and the participation of a respected London chef, lend credibility to the product.

We’ll be watching the Icecreamists to see what they come up with next. After all, most pop culture fads have the shelf life of an ice cream cone in July.


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  1. Michael says:

    Well, if I ever ask for ice cream I hope I will still be treated well!

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