Things to Do (and one thing not to do) with Kool-Aid

 Look at all the things you can do with Kool-Aid: You can make lip gloss
It takes just a little Vaseline, a little honey, and enough Kool-Aid to get the right shade.

Clean a toilet
Lemon and orange flavors only; it’s cheap, environmentally friendly, and pet-safe. Mix up some Play Dough
Kool-Aid dough smells so much better than the old nursery school salt dough. your hair
You can go for all-over color, tips and highlights, or make corrections to your existing shade. Berry and fruit punch flavors perk up red hair, and blue raspberry tones down brassy yellows. It’s subtle and temporary—it washes out after a few shampoos.’s an after-swim hair conditioner.
When your hair looks and feels like straw from the chlorine in a swimming pool, mix a little Kool-Aid into your shampoo. It removes the chlorine and gets rid of greenish ‘swimmer’s hair.’


You can tie dye a shirt your dishwasher
Run the dishwasher with a pack or two of Kool-Aid in the soap drawer and it washes away spots and residue and lime or iron build-up.

Paint your walls with Kool-Aid
Pick any flavor to tint a can of water-based latex paint. your driveway
A little Kool-Aid in the water removes rust and oil stains.



Kool-Aid is so very versatile.
Kool-Aid creates such pretty colors because it contains negatively-charged, anionic acid dyes.
As a household cleaner, it has the cleansing power of caustic and toxic substances like phosphates, petroleum, bleach, and oxalic acid.

There’s a lot you can do with Kool-Aid, but one thing you don’t want to do is drink it.

4 Responses to Things to Do (and one thing not to do) with Kool-Aid

  1. LMAO I saw People dunking wood on kool aid “juice” to paint them! Its pretty and pet safe. Althought, i loved this post!! Sorry for bad english, i’m brazilian 🙁

  2. Amy says:

    Where can I buy it in bulk….? Fun read!

  3. Janice says:

    Even if Massachusetts is a community property state, I’m keeping my ad revenue.

  4. Michael says:

    Given the best ever wedding that we celebrated last week in Maine, I am now officially biased. But this post is downright brilliant!

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