Things Hipsters Like: Wine

Friends don’t let friends drink PBR

The cool kids are drinking wine.
That’s right; they are taking a pass on canned beer and putting down the bong for a nice Shiraz.

In the last seven years, 21- to 27-year-olds have increased per capita wine consumption in the United States by 40 percent—the largest increase in the wine industry’s history. They already make up 21% of core wine consumers- people who drink wine three or more times a week- and there’s another 20 million of them turning 21 over the next five years.

Twenty-somethings start drinking wine in earnest right out of college. Unlike previous generations who grew up with little more than a glass of Chenin Blanc with the Thanksgiving turkey and a New Year’s champagne toast, they learned at the knee of baby boomer parents who were responsible for the wine boom of the 1980’s. Their parents passed to them a comfort and fluency that allows them to approach wine casually, with little of the reverence and pretension of earlier generations of wine drinkers.

Redefining wine culture
Young wine drinkers are co-opting wine and making it their own.
They are twice as likely as older drinkers to belong to a wine club or visit a wine bar.
They connect with the craft aspect of wine making, as they have with food and cooking, looking for authenticity and a connection to growers and producers. A rare vintage might earn prestige, but a decent bottle with an interesting back story is way cooler.

The young wine drinker’s conundrum
They might be young and broke, but theirs is a generation that was weaned on $4 lattes. Their frequency of wine purchases tells us that the twenty-somethings have made wine a part of their everyday life. Their typical purchase is a $10 bottle, but they spring for a $20 bottle at twice the rate of baby boomers. While wine consumers overall name $24 as a special occasion splurge, young drinkers say it’s not a real party until you’ve spent $40.

More Facebook than Wine Spectator
Young drinkers are savvy and social. They go online to connect with each other, sharing knowledge, experiences, and opinions. They have their own events, competitions, celebrities, and lifestyle magazines. As the fastest-growing segment of the wine market, and one with its own sensibilities, the old guard of the wine world is left wondering where this all will lead.

Wine blogs aimed at this demographic tend to be hip, irreverent, and eminently approachable. Some that we read are Dr. Vino’s Wine Blog, Hipster Enology, and Second Glass. For more reading, check out Vinography‘s extensive listing of wine blogs.

Hello Vino is a mobile app with reviews and food pairings for when you want a nice wine to go with dishes like fried chicken, s’mores, and pizza.

Pardon That Vine is a wine review forum within a video show.
Wine X Magazine covers young adult culture and lifestyle with regular features on music, fashion, videos, books, travel, and a whole lot of wine.

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3 Responses to Things Hipsters Like: Wine

  1. Dave says:

    LOL Hipsters are sooooo boring, especially the girls. Everywhere you go, you see the same thing…. some air-headed chick with super-straight hair wearing knee-high boots and tons of makeup proudly holding a glass of wine, trying to look sophisticated. Try to talk to them, and you’ll hear something like, “I’m like, studying for a degree in psychology, and I, like have an awesome job waiting for me, instead of some like, random gig. Life is like, awesome!”

  2. Monet says:

    All I drink is wine! I’m so interested in learning more about it though. Right now, I tend to head towards what is cheaper, but I hope that changes over time! Thank you for sharing. I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday night!

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