The United States of Pizza

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We are a nation of pizza eaters.

We buy 3 billion pizzas each year from nearly 70,000 pizzerias— that’s one of every six restaurants in this country— and it adds up to about 10% of all food service sales. We are all doing our share: 93% of us have eaten at least one whole pizza in the past 30 days. And if you are a kid, the odds are pretty good that you’ve eaten a slice in the last 3 days.

Pepperoni rules.

It is far and away the favorite, topping more than a third of all pizzas sold. Women order vegetable toppings at twice the rate of men. Anchovies are forever cited as the least favorite of traditional pizza toppings.

Don’t forget the tip! The bloggers at Pizza Delivery Stories and Diary of a Pizza Girl tell all. At Tip the Pizza Guy you’ll learn everything you need to know and then some to make the most of the delivery experience (have you ever considered animated LED lighted house numbers?).

Pizza Wars will keep you up to date on specials, discounts, and coupons for all the major chains.

Wanna Swap? The blogger at Year of the Pizza has twice won the grand prize in a Hands on an Eggplant Sub contest (7 hours, no bathroom breaks). In this second year of free pizza, he is looking to barter. He’s especially interested in homebrewed beer, nunchucks, lessons in something, and tubs of ice cream.

Pizza Therapy shares tips on reusing and recycling the billions of cardboard pizza boxes that we discard each year.

Slice features a state-by-state pizza locator.

The Topix news feed is all pizza, all the time.

The State of the Union:

Pizza, guns, or strip clubs….The Great American Pizza Map takes a quirky look at three American phenomena. User-generated Google references are mapped by relative frequency for thousands of localities throughout the country. More pizza talk gets a red dot, guns get a green dot, and a yellow dot indicates the popularity of strippers in that location.

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  1. Ahhh the pizza. Good stuff here. The biggest favorite thing to eat of all time is pizza. Just regular pepperoni though

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