The Shape of Things to Come

Ice comes in cubes. Same for sugar. White Castle even sells its hamburgers as little cubed sliders.
Yes, we’ve always liked a good cube.

It’s a Platonic solid, a perfect shape in terms of its symmetry and aesthetics. Scientists and mathematicians have always been mad for cubes.
But that still doesn’t explain why the food business is suddenly cubing everything in sight.

Not that we’re complaining about hot chocolate cubes that you swirl into a cup of milk. It’s like the foil-wrapped chocolate Ice Cubes you see by the cash register, but on a stick, and  the chocolate’s better. [The Ticket Kitchen Chocolate on a Stick]



It’s instant coffee and it’s cubed. As far as we can tell, just ‘cuz.  [Little Delights—The Original Coffee Cube]



If you make a lot of smoothies, this one will make a lot of sense. It’s frozen smoothie cubes. You add them to milk or juice in a blender.  [Creative Gourmet Smoothie Cubes]


In the midst of all the cubing, the traditional bouillon cube is bucking the trend. The familiar shape has seasoned the stew for generations of cooks, but this year it’s being reformulated as a blocky ‘X’ said to dissolve easier. Can you say New Coke?








The big daddy of cube introductions is the restaurant cube. It’s a fully equipped, self-contained restaurant inside a semi-translucent cube that will be placed atop a series of European landmarks. It will operate as a temporary, 18-seat pop-up restaurant at each location, using a resident chef and locally sourced ingredients. It’s currently perched on the main arch at the Parc du Cinquantenaire in Brussels, Belgium. [Cube by Electrolux]

And finally, we would be remiss in our cube roundup if we failed to mention the cube known around the ‘net as ‘is it a puppy or a loaf of bread?’.



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