The Power of the Cartoon



A few simple pencil strokes from a talented cartoonist can say more in a glance than most journalists accomplish in dozens of column inches.
The terrorists responsible for yesterday’s horrific attack know this. That’s why, when the gunmen stormed the offices of the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, they named four prominent cartoonists as they recited their hit list.

Political cartoons can bite without venom.
The best practitioners are literate and to-the-point, but balance the invective with sardonic humor. Tragedy can be limned with irony, brutality with farce, and personalities lampooned with hyperbole and caricature. We laugh and then we think as the commentary hits its mark.

It’s about freedom of expression and freedom of the press. 
The massacre at Charlie Hedbo is an assault on the core elements of a free society. That’s why nous sommes tous Charlie.

Visit the Cartoonists Rights Network International where they’re leading the fight to protect the rights of political cartoonists and the people they give voice to around the globe.

Climate change deniers, politicians, flash mobs, pesticide manufacturers, and many more players and policymakers appear in the satirical graphic novel #foodcrisis. It’s set in the near future of 2025 when North America is hit by a massive collapse of its food system. You can purchase the print edition or read the first three chapters for free online.


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