The New Word of Mouth: Food Apps


It took nearly 4 decades for radio to reach 50 millions users and 13 years for television to reach that mark. Contrast that with today when Apple can sell 50 million iPods every 6 months, Facebook added 100 million users in less than 9 months, and 1 billion iPhone applications were downloaded from Apple’s iTunes’ App Store in its first 9 months.

Type food into the App Store search bar and the dozen or so pages it returns will give you a sense of the vastness of online resources for food lovers. The most useful applications tend to be GPS-enabled, extending the utility beyond a static search and even linking up with location-based social media. This means you can use an app like Open Table to find and book a table at a restaurant that matches your specs (preferred cuisine, price range, location, or features like late night dining) and then send confirming emails with maps, directions, and menus to the rest of your party. Once you’ve booked the table, there are other apps that will tell you that day’s specials, calculate the meal’s nutritional content, or find you a dinner date.

With 8,500 new apps submitted to Apple every week, an aggregating site like GoesAPP can help you navigate the options. A clearinghouse for applications across the Web, Apptism offers most of the applications hosted by the Apple iTune App Store plus thousands more from independent developers. Their searchable database provides professional and user reviews, and allows you to purchase and download directly from the site.

Remember when apps were just something served with cocktails?

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