The List: Food Companies that Mix Business with Conservative Agendas

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Did you think Chick-fil-A was the only one?
From Tom Monaghan, founder of both Domino’s Pizza and the ultra-Orthodox Catholic Ave Maria List PAC, to the Koch Brothers and their Dixie Cups brand, conservatives have plenty of friends in the food world. A few, like Chick-fil-A, are controlled by far right-wingers who openly and unapologetically use their brands to promote conservative agendas. Most just quietly pour profits into campaigns and super PACs that oppose gay rights, abortion rights, gun control, universal healthcare, and other affronts to conservatism.

Business owners are free to exercise their Constitutional rights of speech and assembly, just as we are free to decide that we’d rather not help them to finance bigotry and intolerance.
Here at Gigabiting, these are the food-related businesses with politics that leave a bad taste in our mouths:

Johnsonville Sausage has a long history of support for right-wing causes and candidates, most recently to fight the recall of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

Carl’s Jr.’s founder’s support of a nasty little proposition to fire gay teachers earned his hamburgers the nickname ‘bigot burgers.’

The Waffle House, a southern roadside fixture with 1,600 mostly franchised restaurants, used centralized corporate funds to become a major supporter of Karl Rove’s group American Crossroads.

White Castle likes to support the seriously conservative Congressional Leadership Fund Super PAC.

The ice cream manufacturer Blue Bell Creameries is also a fan of the Boehner-linked Congressional Leadership Fund.

Cracker Barrel has stopped firing employees who don’t exhibit ‘normal heterosexual values,’ but its political contributions list reads like a Who’s Who of the Tea Party.

Outback Steakhouse has been criticized for strong-arming employees to sign over paycheck deductions to a massive in-house PAC. Ironically, that fund directs its contributions to organizations that fight labor-friendly causes like a higher minimum wage and a national health care system.

When you mop up kitchen spills with Brawny, Sparkle, or Mardi Gras paper towels, you’re lining the pockets of Charles and David Koch, the pair who is funneling hundreds of millions of dollars to groups like the National Rifle Association, Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform, the National Right to Life Committee, Ralph Reed’s Faith and Freedom Coalition, the 60 Plus Association and the American Future Fund. Like Dixie Cups and Vanity Fair napkins, they are all produced by subsidiaries of Koch Industries. It’s not food but it’s in your kitchen.

Vote with your pocketbook, your fork, and your conscience.
Better World Shopper rates the social responsibility of over 1,000 companies in a range of industries. It’s a reliable and comprehensive database that examines corporate records on human rights, environmental issues, animal protection, issues of social justice, and community involvement.

95 Responses to The List: Food Companies that Mix Business with Conservative Agendas

  1. Brian Seiber says:

    Daniel – Christianity IS forced upon us daily in our currency, federal buildings, etc. If you think it’s not, then you are a blind pastor and you will perpetuate your hypocritical religion. Religion is the primary source of evil in the world – Christianity, Islam, etc. Boycott hate. All you haters best go live in Russia where you’ll be welcome with open arms with you fascist Putin.

  2. Carol says:

    Thanks, now I will add it to my conservative list to SUPPORT.

  3. Good To Know says:

    Sweeeet!! Now all the right wing, Johnsonville sausage lovers can go stuff themselves with their bigot burgers, greasy pizza, fried, fatty foods, and then wipe their “orifaces” with some “vanity” or “brawny” towels, and die off fast. If that’s not fast enough, Jim Jones has some leftovers in those Dixie cups for them. MAJORITY RULES!!!

  4. Karen says:

    Thank you for the list. Now I know more companies that I should support. I will forward this to all my friends and family as well so we can keep these great companies in business !
    There are plenty of people who still treasure conservative values!

  5. Grichey says:

    JohnMark read the bible much? Your quoting prophecy. In fact the nightly news is quoting prophecy. Many so called Christians refuse to believe prophecy. True Christians know what is coming. What is coming is not good. Many Christians can not comprehend the fact that prophecy says they will be hated because of the very name of Jesus. Prophecy says they will be persecuted because of their love of Christ. John Mark you are taking part in fulfilling prophecy.

  6. SGEE says:

    Hey you guys, why don’t you spend your money like you want and leave the rest of the world to spend their money like they want. If you think you should control how these conservative businesses spend their money, may I be the one to supervise how you spend yours?? Of course not. And just because they don’t agree with you, doesn’t always mean you get to try to change them. So butt out, go tend to your own business and leave them alone. Or tell us how you spend your money so we can fix you. How have you all gotten so smart that you need to live other people’s lives for them? That’s just it, you haven’t.

  7. HEY YOU says:

    To all Christian Conservatives,
    Who would Jesus kill? Who would Jesus say that you could kill? What caliber handgun would Jesus carry today? I’ll not judge you. Jesus will.

  8. Colleen says:

    Check out more information on who supports what causes at and on Facebook at

  9. Lance says:

    Thanks Mr. Ignorant, now i know what products and restaurants to buy and eat at to help support us evil conservatives get this country back from this jackass obama. thanks

  10. Matt W says:

    @ John Mark

    You are an amazingly racist person. you are the one who is disgusting and pathetic for your weak mind wasn’t even able to see your own ignorance. First off not all Muslims are crazy be-heading terrorist. Second off the president is not Muslim his father who he never really knew was, he was raised Baptist. So hillbilly get your facts straight before you open you hate infested mouth. Oh and by the way before you write something along the lines of attacking me for being Muslim or whatever. I am not Muslim in fact i don’t follow any organized religion i am free of your irrational fears of others what you said is what is wrong with this country. The fact that it is 2012 and there are still dumb ass hillbilly pieces of crap like yourself around. Do us all a favor and off yourself you are wasting oxygen and the Muslims need to breath. Seriously dude you are trash and lame if everything is doomed then do yourself in save the time.

  11. Robert Eckert says:

    Daniel, it is exceedingly hateful to put me in the same list with murderers, rapists, thieves, etc. I have done no harm to you or anyone else. But you want to say hateful things and pat yourself on the back for not being hateful? Be honest with yourself.

  12. Derek says:

    @Daniel What do you mean, of course all these groups are displaying every trait of a hate group. They are spending money, and in some cases, attempting to convince their employees to set aside money from their paychecks to go to groups who have the goal of taking away the personal rights of others, or to allow others to promote hate.

    If that isn’t spot on, then…. you have been set amiss in a vast sea of untruth.

  13. John Mark says:

    FOR ALL OF YOU CHRISTIAN HATERS AND ANTI- JUDEO-CHRISTIAN MORALS: Just wait until the Muslims take over your precious country! You have never even dreamed of what is coming down on you when the Muslims gain control. Beheadings, mass murders, wholesale bloodshed !!!! Because ALL of you are considered infidels and will be wiped out !!! BY THE WAY, THERE IS A MUSLIM IN THE WHITEHOUSE RIGHT NOW. Get ready…………. don’t ever say you were never warned. ALL of you are disgustingly pathetic.

  14. Jane says:

    I also appreciate the list. I will make every effort to buy their brands when possible!
    I completely agree with Matt & others affirming the same position. Take a look at what agnosticconservative said….agree completely

  15. Daniel says:

    I’m getting tired of the propaganda here. “Hate groups” are groups who actually HATE something or someone or some group. They actually forwardly say “we hate …” Now I’m a Christian soon to be a pastor. I don’t ‘hate’ anyone. I don’t agree with the lifestyles of many people (murderers, rapists, thieves, homosexuals, co-habitators, those practicing pre-martial sex, liars, the greedy, the selfish, etc.) but I don’t ‘hate’ any of them (because to be honest I myself am many in that list or have been). So please, be honest with yourself and honest with others – this isn’t about hate. This is about your opinions and how you want to force those opinions on others. VERY FEW Christians have EVER ‘forced’ Christianity on others (though we are blamed otherwise), yet many in our nation won’t practice what they preach. If anyone ‘hates’, it’s those people who use ‘hate’ propaganda to further their agendas. ENOUGH!

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