The KFC Double Down Beats Salad as the Healthier Fast Food Option


For those of you who are late to the party, KFC stunned the fast food world, and indeed anyone with arteries, with its recent introduction of a breadless chicken sandwich; an unapologetically gluttonous, meat-on-meat affair teaming bacon strips and two cheeses between slabs of fried chicken. A mysterious substance known only as the Colonel’s sauce helps tie it all together.

When the Double Down was first announced (after a quick calendar check to confirm that it was not April 1st), we were struck by the audacity of this unsandwich and its clever use of cholesterol-laden proteins from three separate animals. It was immediately reviled in the press for its in-your-face challenge to citizen groups and governmental agencies that are advocating for healthier options in the battle against childhood obesity. KFC seemed to be laughing in the face of the new nutrition labeling requirements.

Now we find ourselves once again stunned by reports that this outrageous construction, while not exactly a lightweight on fast food menus, is actually the lesser of evils when compared to many salads. The Double Down’s nutritional profile (if you can call it that) at 540 calories, 32 grams of fat, and 1,380 milligrams of sodium, is appallingly bad but not even in the same league as fast food’s worst offenders. And while we can correctly assume that something called the Baconator or the Triple Whopper will be a fat and calorie-laden abomination, the heart-stopping nutritional profile of many fast food salads feels like a betrayal of the public’s trust.

Not that we are letting KFC off the hook. But I understand— road trips, hangover cures, or just the occasional guilty pleasure, sometimes you’ve just got to have it. But remember that like the blackjack play it’s named for, the Double Down is a risky proposition.

Consumer advocacy website the Consumerist points out ten fast food items that are worse for you than the KFC Double Down; hardly an endorsement from the same group that introduced the sandwich with an article titled KFC’s Bacon Sandwich On Fried Chicken “Bread” Starts Killing People Nationwide April 12.

See just how bad things can get. Men’s Health magazine examines the 20 worst foods in America.

The latest entry from the kitchen series Will They Build It? looks at the over 900 calories of tongue flipping delight that results when a glazed Krispy Kreme meets the Double Down.

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3 Responses to The KFC Double Down Beats Salad as the Healthier Fast Food Option

  1. Janice says:

    That’s right- go for the gold. I even saw a photo of a self-constructed Quadruple Down.

  2. Brad says:

    Who knew? I guess if your gonna eat something unhealthy, it might as well be real unhealthy

  3. Love your blog. It entertains, makes me laugh and definitely smacks food reality on the side of the head. I just won a blogging community Sunshine Award and am passing it along to you. Send me an email if you want the details! And keep up the great work…I’ll be reading.

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