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Message in a bottle (140 characters or less)

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Twitter is launching a wine label.
The micro-blogging social media site is venturing into wine making as a side project and charitable endeavor. Twitter has partnered with Crushpad, a DIY winery and Bay Area neighbor to produce a Pinot Noir and a Chardonnay. Bottled under the label Fledgling Wine, $5 from each $20 bottle sold will benefit Room to Read, a non-profit organization that extends literacy and educational opportunities to children in the world’s poorest regions. […]

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Gourmet, Unbound: an online celebration of a magazine’s legacy


The food world has been reeling from the shock.
On October 5, 2009 Condé Nast announced that Gourmet will cease monthly publication due to a decline in advertising sales and shifting food interests among the readership . The magazine’s November 2009 issue, distributed in mid-October, was the magazine’s last. […]

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Night Owls Rejoice.

Open 24 Hours 23 x 23 Neon Sign

Jet lag. Insomnia. Jonesing for a a 3 am patty melt.

Whatever the reason, it’s an ungodly hour and you’re awake. And hungry.
It used to be that you’d get in your car and drive around looking for the neon light of a diner, flashing its greasy beacon of all-night dining. But now we have 2itch.com, a map-based site that features businesses that are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. […]

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Food52: an exercise in culinary crowdsourcing


The old community cookbook is getting a 21st century makeover.
Long a fund raising staple of Junior Leagues, churches, and historical societies, collaborative cookbooks are nothing new. But with Food52, New York Times food columnist Amanda Hesser and freelance food writer and recipe-tester Merrill Stubbs have given the concept a very modern, web 2.0 twist. […]

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FOOD2: Not your mother’s Food Network


For the generation that is more Epicurious than Joy of Cooking, the Food Network has launched an online alternative to the traditional cooking channel. Targeting the young and tech-savvy, Food2 blends traditional editorial formats, such as how-to video, with user-generated content. […]

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Reviewer Showdown 2.0: Zagat versus Yelp

photo courtesy of I'm Not Actually a Geek

photo courtesy of I'm Not Actually a Geek

The Zagat company history is now the stuff of legends: a dinner table conversation in 1979 with Tim and Nina Zagat’s wine-tasting group; the conversation turned to the restaurant reviews in the New York Times. 20 avid eaters seated around the table agree that a friend’s recommendation carries more weight than the opinion of the Times’ critic. And thus, the Zagat Survey was born. An instant success, the hand-typed and mimeographed sheets of legal paper (both Zagats being practicing lawyers at the time) containing the collective opinions of 200 friends from the wine group’s extended circle was soon circulating, free of charge, through the ranks of New York foodies. Charging for the guide, and the subsequent formation of a publishing company, just seemed like a good way for the young couple to get some tax deductions for their dining expenses. […]

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Mappy Hour. Because it’s always cocktail hour somewhere.

photo courtesy of www.mybeerluck.blogspot.com

photo courtesy of www.mybeerluck.blogspot.com

Tired of the same old watering holes? Looking to explore one of the newly cool neighborhoods in town but not sure where to go? Mappy Hour is a nifty little tool that works with an extensive database of happy hour hotspots in cities around the globe (44,994 at last count) , and shows their locations on a Google map. Type in a city, state, country, postal or zip code and Mappy Hour will map the fifty happy hours closest to your location. A click anywhere on the map will generate fifty more little beer glass icons for the new location. […]

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Augmented reality takes Yelp’s new phone app to the next level

photo courtesy of Metro Macs Kansas City

photo courtesy of Metro Macs Kansas City

Think of reality as a spectrum. On one end, we have the real world. At the other end is the computer-generated environment of virtual reality. Augmented reality falls somewhere in the middle, with real-time, computer-generated audio, video, and other sense enhancements superimposed on the physical world. […]

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Will Tweet for Food



Marketers have long understood the value of tastemakers- individuals with large social and professional spheres who possess great peer influence. The marketing concept is to provide new and innovative products and services to these key individuals in the hope that they will endorse and promote them within their spheres. […]

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