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I Know How to Fix Kwanzaa


Another year, another Kwanzaa, another conversation bemoaning its lack of broader acceptance.

Could it be any more obvious?
This is a holiday in need of a dish– an edible emblem, a culinary signature.

All the great holidays have one. […]

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YouTube’s Own Brand of Celebrity Chef

Type ‘cooking’ into the YouTube search engine and you get 510,000 videos results. Granted, the number is dwarfed by the search results for ‘sex’ or ‘Xbox’ or even ‘cats,’ but it’s still impressive. While there are plenty of quirky, niche, and gratuitously not-ready-for-prime-time submissions, the bulk of the YouTube cooking videos are charmingly entertaining and solidly instructive. Relax the production standards, take away the preening celebrity chefs, and you could be watching the Food Network. […]

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