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With Little Fanfare, Google Rolls Out its Recipe Search Engine.



One out of every 100 Google searches is for a recipe.

Since Google executes about one billion searches each day, that adds up to 10 million recipe queries a day. A day.
Did you think the Google juggernaut would sit back and let specialized searches like Allrecipes and Epicurious chip away at all that traffic? […]

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Private Label Beer

House beer makes its move.

We have grown comfortable with the concept of house wines. Gone are the days of wine by-the-glass or carafe whose only virtue was a low price. House wines today are more likely to be high quality bottlings  that are selected for their ability to complement the menu. Now we see restaurants doing the same for beer. […]

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Kitchen Hacks

image courtesy of Unrealities

Hackers have a bad reputation.

We think of disaffected, anti-social teenagers looking to wreak a little havoc on society, and bottom-rung hoodlums in former eastern bloc countries trolling online for credit cards.

Hackers with a higher calling.

Wikipedia defines hacking as re-configuring or re-programming to give the user access to features that were otherwise unavailable. Hackers are credited with vast improvements to functionality. They devise elegant solutions that elevate clumsy technology to an art form.

Nefarious criminal uses, according to Wikipedia, are more correctly called ‘cracking’. […]

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Recipe Generators: random acts of cooking

You’re not Old Mother Hubbard. There’s always something to work with.                             You’ve got cans of beans and bags of pasta, salsa, olive oil, frozen peas, and bread crumbs, a forgotten can of hearts of palm, tomato sauce, salad dressing, an opened jar of pesto, and a hunk of parmesan mouldering away in the deli drawer.

An online recipe generator can take random and disparate items and turn them into dinner. Most work with a basic search algorithm, matching your ingredients with recipes in their database. But each has its own twist.


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Gingerbread Houses 2009


What’s up with gingerbread houses in 2009? Plenty, it seems.
Gingerbread houses have gone green and organic, like the 10×14 foot edible estate with LED lights and a green “vegetated” moss roof on display in the Charlotte Ritz-Carlton. They are made of cupcakes, boast chocolate bar solar panels and gumdrop wind turbines, and are mid-century modern design.

Here’s a sampling of what’s online this holiday season:

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Bespoke Granola


Granola is a tricky little bugger.

It is so strongly associated with all things healthy and natural that the Urban Dictionary defines granola as an adjective used to describe people who are left-leaning, environmentally aware, and are inclined to forgo vaccines, body hair removal, and the consumption of animal products and by-products. But when it comes to healthy and natural, the truth is granola has been coasting on its reputation for years. […]

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