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Cool Coffee for a Hot Planet


There’s fair trade and organic coffee, shade-grown, and even bird-friendly. You can drink it in a recycled cup with organic soy milk and sugar from plants that haven’t been genetically altered.

But still… carbon neutral coffee? […]

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Could Vending Machines be Next?


We saw it happen to food trucks. Those street corner fixtures, branded colloquially as “roach coaches,” became food world darlings in 2009. Instead of withered hot dogs of questionable origins, suddenly you could find pastured-beef burgers on brioche buns, duck-filled dumplings, goat cheese cheesecake, and sustainably-harvested fish tacos. The jangly tune of a Mr. Softee truck was replaced by Twitter tweets announcing truck locations and daily specials. Combining food-savvy, tech-savvy, and political correctness, a new breed of entrepreneurs elevated humble and much-maligned street food into a full-fledged culinary phenomenon. […]

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Caffeine: It’s not just for coffee anymore.

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We do love the buzz. Whether we’re waking up to a morning cup of coffee or popping open a can of Diet Coke for an afternoon pick-me-up, caffeine is our drug of choice. It has psychoactive qualities, is highly addictive, and we just can’t seem to get enough. […]

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